Look at those chubby cheeks!

Look at those chubby cheeks!

Who’s behind hub-mag?

Hi, I’m Asher. I’m a 90s child who never really grew up.

Please excuse the typos, poor grammar, overuse of commas, and sci-fi references on this site.

These things make me happy:

  • Epically long TV series with strong female characters
  • Pop divas
  • Obscure pop culture references
  • Processes, strategies, and outlines
  • Learning anything and everything
  • Mathematical wanking
  • Language acquisition
  • Funny doodles
  • Tumblr
  • Tinkering with stuff. Code. Legos. K’nex. Anything!
  • Books of all kinds.  I even like to read instruction manuals and the display books at Ikea.

These things most definitely do not make me happy:

  • I am a twenties-something going through a quarter life crisis.
  • I chose travel and creating my own online businesses over a corporate job or going to med school or starting a family.  Now I’m feeling guilty about the fact that I’m young and carefree while everybody around me is dealing with “real life grownup problems”.
  • I am a chronic procrastinator. My major flaw is that I read too many books on self-help and productivity instead of actually being productive and helping myself.

Where in the world is Asher right now?

Currently I’m taking a slowcation with an extended stop in Asia.

You can find me on:


twitter @ hubmagfic

What do I do?

I make money online by selling and promoting products.

I have my own line of physical products that I sell from an online shop.

On the side I also create various niche websites as a source of passive income to fund my travels and support my aging parents.  The money from niche sites is nice, but it is mostly a way to learn and refine my processes and to satisfy my urge to tinker and experiment.

What is hub-mag?

This blog is where I write/blab about my hobbies, interests, and work.

This space is an accumulation of thoughts about my personal life, work, and living on the road as a digital professional. I freely share my methods and processes as a way to brainstorm and work through problems.  It is a sounding board for me to work out strategies and processes and find out ways to tackle the problems I’m facing. This means I will post methods that are not yet refined.  You will notice that I often have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going.  Some of the methods I talk about work and some end up being spectacular failures.  You are welcome to join and experiment with me.

My blog posts are reminders for my future self.  It’s a way to remind myself of all those really great ideas I had two months ago that today are just beyond my grasp. I want to detail the steps I took and the thought process behind why I did the things I did.  That way I can solve the problem if I happen upon it again.  As these are personal notes sometimes I don’t explain things down to the last detail.

If you are curious about how I did something or why I did it that way feel free to leave a comment and ask!   Who knows, information that helps you today may help somebody else tomorrow. 🙂

This is blog is in no way a portfolio or CV.  This site is the opposite of that.  It is unpolished on purpose.

Please note I am not and do not claim to be a guru.

This is a guru and info-product free zone.  This is internet marketing without the sleaze.

You will also notice a distinct lack of SEO and keyword research tools being promoted on this site.  You can see the list of tools I use to make money from niche sites. Most of the tools are free or only have a low one-time fee.  The only service I agree is worth the recurring fee is clicky analytics.  Getting detailed real-time visitor data is essential for testing and optimizing your systems.

You can see from my posts that I use this blog as a way to work through problems and figure out the best way to proceed.  Please do not take any the methods or strategies posted here as gospel or a definitive guide on how to build your online business.

As an extremely lazy and unambitious slob I would rather reblog gifs on tumblr and watch the entire X-files series again than launch a new niche site campaign.

While others are making hundreds of thousands and building online empires I’m just here treading water with my handful of niche projects that make a couple grand each month.

Which is okay. I guess…

I realize this is pretty much the dream for many people in their 20s.

I spend my days working on hobbies and traveling.  I don’t have to worry about money or work. But I’m not exactly building a foundation for my future either.

Did I mention that I’m extremely unambitious?

Most of all I have no idea what I’m doing.

Making money online is both stupidly easy and stupidly hard.

I’ve been dabbling in making websites since I was 12 and making money online since I was in college.

This gif about sums up my years in making money online.


So what does a lazy person like me do all day?

I like to spend at least 2+ hours reading each day.  Check out the book list to see what I’m reading.

On the rare days in Hong Kong when it’s not raining buckets or so humid outside that sweat drips down my ass crack  I like to wander around aimlessly for hours.  I guess I could call myself a flâneuse?

Mostly I spend my days working on my hobbies/interests of the moment.

I also spend too much time fangirling over Buffy, Hannibal, X-files, Downton Abbey, Gilmore Girls, Dr. Who, Kylie Minogue, Marina and the Diamonds, Sky Ferreira, and other bits and pieces of pop music and culture.

Somewhere in between all that I’ll work for 1-2 hours.

And before you ask, the answer is yes. These things are listed in order of priority.

I’m such an unambitious slob it’s a miracle that I’ve gotten as much done as I have.

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