Daily Progress Report #2

If only my hair could be this perfect while I’m working.

I have no idea what I’m doing.

These progress reports are a form of self-therapy for me as well as a way for me to keep track of what I’ve done.  As a lazy s*o*b* I work in manic spurts and enjoy very long periods of inactivity in between.

This means that I have no idea what I’ve done or how to do what I did every time I pick up where I left off.  As such these progress reports will be random and unplanned.

Please do not copy anything you see on this blog and expect to pull in $XXXXX per month.

As a matter of fact, this very post is a prime example of what not to do if you want to make money online.

Existing niche sites

So what have I accomplished?

Gimme your emails!

Well, mostly I went back over my existing content and added new “pretty” opt-in boxes to the top of posts as well as a checked opt-in checkbox to the end of my comment forms.

This was all done with the awesome and free mailpoet plugin.

What are people clicking?

Like I stated in the last progress update, I’ve created goals in clicky to track all the important stuff.

  • Opt-in form clicks
  • Social share button clicks
  • Successful subscribes
  • Affiliate link clicks

Looking forward to what data I’ll get in the coming months.  The Christmas shopping season will begin soon and I want to fix any inefficiencies and traffic leaks as soon as possible.

Upgraded my existing content.

I also went over my keyword logs and Amazon earnings reports and found a lot of new products and keywords to add to my sites.  It took about 2 hours to add new content to existing pages.  I always add content with popular keywords to my existing content rather than create a new page if at all possible.   Just my personal preference. It keeps the sites organized (and easier to backlink) and it directs traffic to pages proven to convert rather than leaking visitors all over the site.

Future plans

I’ll probably expand horizontally and add these same topics to my new niche sites since I’m already so familiar with the niches.  I’ll have to alter the content format and target the visitors from another angle so all the sites don’t look the same.

This should result in the most bang for the buck so to speak.  The most time consuming part of entering a new niche is research and finding products that’ll convert with a particular audience.  I already have plenty of sales and traffic data in these niches so why not use and recycle the information before moving into unknown territory.

New niche sites

Most of the work I’ve done on the new sites is identical to the work I’ve done on my existing projects.

I’ve already gathered a list of 80+ kinds of products I want to promote.

Based on the (or lack of) success of the content from my existing sites I made content skeletons for my blog posts.

Then it was just a matter of research and filling outlines with details for each blog post.  I added some affiliate links and pretty pictures and *bam* we’ve got content to post!

All of these sites have new social media accounts and I’ve spent my usual tumblring time populating these accounts with activity.


That’s all for today.  Now I’m off to reblog some Hannibal gifs on tumblr.

Do you make monies online too?  Wanna chat about 90s tv or cheesy pop music?  Leave a comment.

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