Goals for 2014 – because if I don’t do this now I’ll hate myself later.

How I allocate my time online: Tumblring on the beach (70%) / Productive work (10%)

How I allocate my time online: Tumblring on the beach (80%) / Productive work (20%)

I see there’s a couple of you who’ve stumbled here from tumblr.

If you’re not from tumblr, hello anyways random blog visitors!

This is my personal/work blog and from my posting frequency here vs. on tumblr you guys can probably figure out that I’m a lazy s*o*b.

But anyways here’s a short explanation of what’s up with this blog and what’s going on in my life.


  • I’m going to focus on what’s working. So far this will include adding useful content to my expired domains and existing niche sites.  All content will have clear goals for visitors. That is, they will be directed to either opt-in to my email list, buy something through an affiliate link, or leave a comment and generate some content for the site.  I AM NOT A BLOGGER. I AM A CAPITALIST PIG.
  • In more concrete terms, I want to double my affiliate income and exceed $10000 per month.  This means I’ll need to make an extra $5000 from my new niche sites.
  • I want to diversify to other income streams such as ebooks and my own electronic products. Currently I’m earning affiliate income from promoting physical products and from selling my own physical goods.
  • I want to grow my newsletters beyond 3000 subscribers.
  • Finally, I need to stop messing around and monetize my email lists more efficiently.

Personal Life

  • I’m going to leave HK by the end of 2014 or summer of 2015 at the latest.  As nice as it is to wake up to this every morning, there’s too much I miss culturally and socially to stay here any longer.
  • My wanderlust has been sated for now.  I want to settle down and buy a house.  And to do this I need $$$ and cash flow.  That means I’ll need to wake up before noon and actually do some work.

This blog

  • I will post regular progress updates and monthly income reports.  Or maybe I’ll do a blog-along as I launch some new sites.  Who knows… At this point I’ll be happy as long as I actually get stuff done and post something here.
  • And on that note, even though I’ll be writing about internet marketing and making money online, I HAVE NOTHING TO SELL YOU. At most I’ll point you in the direction of tools and services I actually use to make my niche websites. This is an info product free zone.  There is nothing magical or secret about creating websites and selling stuff.  I will save you $99 and sum up every secret guru guide to making $$$ online for you right here.
    • Keep keyword research and market research in mind.
    • Write (or outsource).
    • Finish and ship.
    • Share, promote and get targeted traffic.
    • Now repeat all of the above until you feel like you have enough money.
  • Hopefully putting this stuff up publicly will focus my mind and quell the procrastination monkey that lives in my brain.

I’ve started building my new niche sites!  Follow along to see if I actually reach my goal of making $5000 per month. Pssst the good stuff starts in Week #2 of the niche sites

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