Niche Sites Progress Report #3 (Week 2) – We Have Sales and Traffic!

Gratuitous X-files pic. Not in any way relevant.

Gratuitous X-files pic. Not in any way relevant.

I originally started this post the week of August 11.

I’m only posting it now because I went to Macau instead. 

See! What’d I tell you guys.  L*A*Z*Y*. Please excuse the delay.

These progress reports track the development of some new niche sites I started in the beginning of the month.  These progress reports are really more for me than they are for you.

The most surprising thing I’ve learned is that I’m not as incompetent as I think I am.  Just extremely unmotivated unless I need some extra $$$.

Quick recap: I began developing some new niche sites at the end of July/beginning of August and today 2 of the 8 sites are already getting a steady stream of daily traffic.

The subjects we will be looking at

From here on out, the two new niche sites I’ve just launched will be referred to as “Niche site B” and “Niche site G”.

The other sites are still undeveloped and bouncing between 0-10 visitors a day.  There’s nothing exciting to report yet.

Sorry but I will not reveal any of the domains.  I know some of you are going to snoop anyways.  I will give you a clue right now. These niche sites are not in any way connected to the name or registrar or server or affiliate IDs or analytics IDs associated with this domain.  Sorry to disappoint you aspiring private eyes. Stick to creating more niche splogs instead. 🙂

So how much content do I have on these sites?

Besides the standard About/Contact/Privacy/Disclosure pages there’s a bare minimum number of pages targeting the most popular products.

  • Niche site B has about 9 product reviews and 3 tutorial articles.
  • Niche site G has 16 product reviews and 11 tutorial articles.

What about linkbuilding?

Nope!  I HATE linkbuilding. 

Churning out spam for links makes me want to gouge out my eyes with a dessert spoon.

All I’ve done so far to get traffic is post some pictures and links on the big social media sites and relevant niche forums.

Do you notice the bounce rate and number of goal clicks?

People are actually clicking on my links!

Remember:  I’ve set affiliate link clicks and new email subscribers as goals for my niche sites.

Niche Site B.  Check out that average time on site and goal rate!

Niche Site B. Check out that low bounce rate and goals!

The drop in traffic at the end is due to the time difference between Asia and the US.  It’s morning in Asia when I check my stats but it’s the middle of the night in the US (the source of 95% of my traffic).

Niche Site G. Check out that low bounce rate and completed goals!

Niche Site G. Check out that low bounce rate and the number of completed goals!

That’s nice and all, but show us the dough!

This is what you’re all waiting for.  You nosy bunch.

I’m most pleased by Niche Site G.  I’m promoting products from Amazon and CJ merchants.  Here’s the stats:

Amazon sales for niche site G.

Amazon sales for Niche Site G.

CJ sales for Niche Site G

CJ sales for Niche Site G

And now Niche Site B.  The products in this niche are not as expensive and the competition in this niche is tougher.  The results pale in comparison to Site G, but it’s only been a week.

So far I’m only promoting Amazon affiliate links on Site B.

Amazon sales for Niche Site B

Amazon sales for Niche Site B


Not bad for 3 days of work and brand new content less than 2 weeks old!

I know we’re not talking about $XXXX/mo., but I’m happy as a clam that the sites are getting traffic and sales so soon after their launch.

Grand Total (Aug. 1 – Aug 17): $166.79

Site G: $165.15

  • Amazon: $121.36
  • CJ: £26.18

Site B: $1.64

  • Amazon: $1.64

Points to keep in mind

Please do not expect to do some keyword research, throw up some splogs and start making money within the week like this.  MFA/spamtastic micro-niche sites do not work anymore.

Here’s some key points you’ll have to keep in mind.

  • I’m only using expired domains that have high domain/page authority and trust.  New content on these domains get indexed immediately.  This is 2014. Good luck getting search traffic if you’re starting a niche site from a new domain.
  • I’m not only relying on search but also social media and forums for traffic.  Links I’ve placed on social media and forums account for 10% of my visitors.
  • My content is really really good if I do say so myself.  I’m not putting up spamtastic 500 word product reviews here.  We’re talking about well researched guides and tutorials with
    1. a table of contents,
    2. comparison tables,
    3. buyer and user guides,
    4. in-depth reviews,
    5. custom pictures,
    6. videos,
    7. quotes and testimonials,
    8. and citations to authoritative sources.
  • I’m not tracking keyword rankings or anything like that.  With personalized search nowadays it’s kinda pointless. I’m relying on my own niche research, Amazon sales numbers, and visitor data to guide future content creation.
  • You can’t see it in the sales data above, but some of the sales were made on mobile devices. Make sure you are using a responsive/mobile friendly layout.
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