Niche sites update – weekly progress report

Hey guys!  I promised you that I would keep you updated on what’s happening on a weekly basis so here’s a quick update for the 1st week of October.

What I’ve done:

Content: I added 1 new landing page to site B and 1 new landing page to site A.  I also completely overhauled the old pages on sites B & A so they don’t look like crap.

Links: I finally linked to Site G from one of my expired domains.

Optimization: I’m also running some split tests and testing different headlines, call to actions, and colors.  So far a small change in the CTA on one of site G’s pages has resulted in a 10% CTR increase.

What’s happened this week:

  • I finally got my first sale from site A!
  • Sales have picked up since I fixed the most visited page on site B.  Along with an increase in click-through rate, the conversion rate on Amazon has also improved.
  • Site G is still performing incredibly well.  There has been some volatility in the day to day traffic since I added a link to the site.  Traffic peaked at a tiny smidge less than 200 visitors at the beginning of the month.

Experimenting with Pinterest traffic for Amazon niche sites

I’ve been playing around with social traffic, specifically with pinterest and coat-tailing off the traffic of mommy blogs.

So far there’s nothing terribly exciting to report here. I’ve gained some comments, some pins, an email subscriber or two, and a trickle of referral traffic.  95% of my social stuff is automated anyways so this is all groovy free traffic and exposure. 🙂

Some of these people have actually emailed me and asked for my advice so I guess that the sites don’t come across as spammy even though 80% of the pages are landing pages full of affiliate links.  It’s amazing what you can get away with as long as your site looks pretty and you know how to speak the lingo in the niche.

See you next week!

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