Non-EIG Hosting Companies

Tired of oversold servers?  Tired of poor customer service? Tired of frequent downtime?

Cheap shared hosting does not have to suck. Just move to a non EIG owned host!  For those of you who don’t know about Endurance International Group, read up about them on wikipedia.

Personally I’m tired of affiliate marketers who just promote the same tired hosts like justhost, bluehost, hostgator, and fatcow because of they offer affiliates a high commission rate. 

Trawling through fake review sites when you’re looking for a new host is no fun! 🙁

Here’s a list of low cost shared hosting companies (most cost less than $7 a month) that are not owned by Endurance International Group.

Budget shared hosting plans are perfect for quickly launching niche sites and small wordpress sites.

I’ve indicated which hosts I’ve used in the past under each rating. I’ve even included some hosts that I’ve used but would not recommend because they have poor customer service.  Just a bit of *trust* and *authenticity* so you guys don’t think I’m spamming you with affiliate links.  I may write a detailed review of each host in the future.

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links.

You’ll notice that I’m not cloaking the coupon codes so you’ll get the discount no matter what.  Being an affiliate of these hosts has not affected my rating.

I would appreciate it if you would use my links so I can get a couple of $$ to support my coffee habit. 


Hosting CompanyRating
Short review blurb
Starting CostCoupon
Some of these are affiliate links, but they'll take you straight to the current coupons and promotions.

I'm currently using this host for smaller niche sites.
Pros: Good speed. Good uptime. Unlimited domains.
Cons: One-time $2.50 fee for SSH access.
$3.95 / mo.40% one-time discount: hub40off
MDD Hosting

I'm currently using this host.
Pros: Good speed. Good uptime. Unlimited domains. SSH access upon request. AMAZING support that actually knows what they're doing. No copy pasta from outsourced Indian techies here! I host my more important projects here. If speed and stability are important, then choose MDD.
Cons: Relatively more expensive for the space you get. You're paying for stability and support rather than disk space.
$6.38 / mo.25% one-time discount: COUPON IS ON THE PROMO PAGE (IN THE GREEN BOX)
Fresh Roasted Hosting

I'm currently using this host. for my higher traffic projects. Very fast and responsive tech support. Their prices for the premium shared plans are very reasonable too. Great choice for a shared host if the majority of your traffic comes from the US.

Pros: 1 TB of bandwidth. Unlimited domains. A small boutique host with AWESOME support.
Cons: Only 1 GB diskspace for the lowest priced plan. Put all your large files on a CDN! Cheapest plan does not include SSH access.
$4.99 / mo.20% off for life coupon code: spamexperts

I used this host in 2011.
Pros: Unlimited domains. Cheap especially with lifetime discounts.
Cons: Server I was on was very slow. I never had to contact the support team, but from other reviews it seems the support is slow at best and unresponsive in the worst case scenario. I would only host very low traffic blogs here.
$3.29 / mo.No coupon 🙁

I'm currently using this host.
Pros: Good speed. Free SSH access. Unlimited domains.
Cons: Had stability problems with Toronto servers last year.
$2.95 / mo.40% one-time discount: HOSTME

I used this host in 2008. I moved due to the limit of 2 domains per account.
Pros: Good speed, uptime, and customer service. Free SSH access. No complaints other than the restriction on domains.
Cons: The lowest priced plan is limited to 2 domains and 25 subdomains. No monthly or quarterly plans. Only 1 & 2 year plans.
$5.99 / mo.No coupon 🙁

I used this host in 2009. I moved due to the 1 domain limit.
Pros: Cheap.
Cons: Limited to 1 domain.
3.33 GBP / mo.No coupon 🙁

Pros: Great if you need more access for development and testing your own apps. Full shell access and good stuff like git, subversion, python, ruby...
Cons: This host is targeted at developers so there's a learning curve if you're used to cpanel.
$9.50 / mo.No coupon 🙁
FroghostHave you used this host? Leave a comment below!
Pros: Cheap.
Cons: Cheapest plan is limited to 1 domain.
$4.95 / mo.30% LIFETIME discount: september2014
LiquidwebHave you used this host? Leave a comment below!
Pros: This is a "premium" host rather than a "cheap" shared host.
Cons: Limited to 2 domains. Addon domains are +$5 per month.
$12.46 / mo.No coupon 🙁
Arvixe2015 Update: Arvixe is now owned by EIG. 🙁$4.00 / mo.No coupon 🙁
TMDHostingHave you used this host? Leave a comment below!
Pros: Unlimited addon domains. Free SSH access.
Cons: Get the annual plan. The monthly plan soars up to $8.95 and has a $19.95 set-up fee.
$3.85 / mo.No coupon 🙁
Lithium Hosting

I'm currently using this host for smaller niche sites.
Pros: A good host for eu based sites.
$3.00/ mo.No coupon 🙁
Web Hosting UK

I'm currently using this host for smaller niche sites.
Pros: Allows unlimited domains. Very responsive support team available 24/7.
Cons: Best for lower traffic sites.
2.29 GBP/ mo.No coupon 🙁
4 comments on “Non-EIG Hosting Companies
  1. Kris says:

    Arvixe is now owned by EIG.

  2. Mike says:

    Site 5 is now fully owned by EIG. I hate EIG so much. They ruin every hosting company they buy. Hostgator is full on horrible now.

    • A. says:

      Thanks, I’m going to update the list again. It’s depressing how many sites I’ve had to take off the approved list.

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