Goals for 2014 – because if I don’t do this now I’ll hate myself later.

I see there’s a couple of you who’ve stumbled here from tumblr. If you’re not from tumblr, hello anyways random blog visitors! This is my personal/work blog and from my posting frequency here vs. on tumblr you guys can probably figure out that I’m a lazy s*o*b. But anyways here’s a short explanation of what’s up with this blog and what’s going on in my life. Work I’m going to

How to setup your free self-hosted autoresponder with Mandrill and Mailpoet

Mailpoet is the easiest and best solution if you want to host your own autoresponder newsletter.  It’s easy to set up and install as a wordpress plugin and it doesn’t tax your server when paired with third party services like Mandrill. Mailpoet is free for up to 2000 subscribers. Mandrill is free for up to 12000 emails per month.  Additional emails cost cents per thousand compared to cents per email

good sci fi ebooks for tweens

Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn

An oldie from 2011 that’s still fresh in 2013 When everyone reads minds, a secret is a dangerous thing to keep. An incredible new twist on mind-readers and mind-control.  Kira, a teenage girl who believes she is a “zero”, a freak without mind-reading abilities in a world where telepathy is the norm is about to have her world turned upside down. Review Quinn raises interesting questions about ethics, mind control,

Want to make niche sites together?

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Want to make niche sites together?