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Do you want to me to promote and review your ebook?

Each week I feature one author for my “Fiction Fridays” blog series.  As you can see from my book list I tend to read business/marketing and self-help books.  Though if I had the time and the money I would read fiction as a profession.  So this is as much for me as it is for you.  I want to read stories that I never would have encountered otherwise.

If you are selected as the author of the week, I’ll review and promote your story for you.  I will share your book on social media and link to your book’s listing (or your website) from the homepage of this site.  This is a great way for you to gain new readers and to develop name recognition of your brand.  Word of mouth is the fastest way to establish a following in your niche.

Submission Guidelines

Anyone can apply, though I do have a soft spot for new and unknown authors.

My favorite genres are:

  • science fiction
  • horror
  • fantasy
  • and yes even romance and erotica

Please include the following information in your submission.

Subject: a short description so I know this isn’t a spam email, for example, [book title] by [your name]

Message: include any information you want me to use to promote your work.  At the bare minimum you should include the following:

  • A short author bio blurb introducing yourself and your work.  At least 200 words preferred.
  • A short 250 word description of your story.
  • A copy of your book for me to review.
  • A link for readers to buy your book.

Contact information: Your email, social media handles, portfolio URL, etc.

Sorry for the impersonal contact form!  This is the only way to keep out spammers and maintain order in my mailbox.

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Want to make niche sites together?