The Unmotivated Asshole’s Guide To Passive Income With Niche Sites

Aka how much money can you make by doing nothing at all for the past 6 months?

Soooo… I feel like everybody with an IM blog is busy guru-ing and taking over the world with their spam while I’m just here twiddling my thumbs.

If you’re looking for motivation or wisdom, I’m going to tell you right now that you’re on the wrong blog. What you’ll find here is a lack of motivation, disdain, and apathy about internet marketing and seo.

With that out of the way, let’s recap.

You know how I started off the year with a “New Year’s resolution” post that was sparkly with promises of lots of work and progress? Yeah, right. Whatever. That post was the IM equivalent of a carb-aholic signing up for a gym subscription after x-mas dinner only to fall face first into a box of donuts two weeks into January.


I think I also mentioned in my January post that the last time I updated my niche sites was in October, so technically I’ve done nothing for the past 8-ish months.

OMG epic fail to take over the toilet brush niche. 🙁

Lame. So lame.

So millenial.

I’m aware that I have some issues with motivation.

BUT… apparently being a IM flop can still rake in enough money to cover my gin habit and groceries. I guess I have that going for me.

Traffic Numbers


You’ll probably notice that earnings are on an upward trend even though we’ve been heading into the slow retail months of summer.

What’s up with that?

  • I haven’t built any links and backlink searches haven’t turned up any new sites linking to my sites.
  • I haven’t added content.
  • There hasn’t been any new site designs.
  • None of the niches are seasonal.

Could age of content have an effect on ranking? Hmmm…

So what the fuck have I been doing for the past 8 months?

I mentioned something about dipping my toes into the murky waters of self-publishing in January and I’m proud to say that I’ve published 9 novellas and I’m finishing up my first novel this month. A novella is about 15K–30K words and a novel is 50K+ words, fyi.

Before everybody reading this post jumps onto the ebook goldrush, keep in mind how many of you bitch about writing a 1000 word blogpost. Consider that one novella is the equivalent of 15+ blog posts that not only have to make sense and be interesting (which is something most IM’ers can’t manage), but it has to be consistent and carry a plot for the entire length.

Also–those of you not in the e-pubbing circles might not know about this–the KU-pocalypse just hit in July, so the easy money days are over.

If you want fast money, self-publishing is not the way to go. It’s a lot of long hours with your butt in your chair and banging your head against your keyboard.

However, I will tell you that it’s a lot more satisfying at the end of the day to have created your own product instead of filling the interwebs with more “buy this widget” spam. If like me, you like to read/write, but hesitate to start making niche sites due to concerns about the longevity of internet marketing/rankings/affiliate income/the alignment of the planets/whatever, then you might want to give self-publishing a try.

BTW, for an amusing look into an IM spammer’s take on “making easy money by spamming Amazon” go google the hustle plagiarism Anna Cleary. I’m not giving away linkjuice from my site for such asshattery. Sorry.

A week of work to copy someone else’s book (wtf), a bunch of fake reviews, and a possible lawsuit from one of the biggest romance novel publishers and he only managed to sell 9 books.

I love how the douchebro– I bet that website’s “office” smells like Axe b.o. spray and stale Cheetos– brags about ranking at the top of an obscure category. Just fyi, ranking in that category is like ranking #1 for “cute bunny hats for hirsute gorillas”. Not exactly something to share with the world.

In conclusion

I’ve neglected this project because I’ve decided that I like to write books and become a hermit instead of polluting the web with widget reviews. It’s now almost the end of July and since this half-assed experiment started in late July/August last year I’ve netted a little over $30K. It’s not the internet millions that the gurus tell you about, but it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at either.

Will I keep making niche sites?

Yes! On a semi-quarterly-part-time basis. 😉

The money is obviously still there. I’ll tinker with the sites when I’m bored. I’m sticking with my January goal to build up one of these sites to the $1000-$3000 per month range and sell it around the end of the year.

Here’s a nice condensed table for you guys since this series is a hot mess like the rest of my niche sites.

Month# of PagesEarnings (Commissions)Earnings (Site Sale)Notes
11/2014128$3812$24800Profit from sale of site G after broker commissions and fees.
5/2015128$491Expenses: $119.99 (Clicky renewal)

*I apologize for the number of fyi’s and btw’s in this post. It’s 11pm and I’ve clearly had too many gin and tonics.

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